FILM REVIEW: Jurassic World- Genetically Modified, Truly Terrified!

Jurassic World – Genetically Modified, Truly Terrified!

Jurassic World 3D was a tense, terrifying trip back reminding us exactly where we stand in the food chain. The movie was by turns fascinating and shocking. Several messages were hidden subtly throughout an action packed and incredibly tense couple of hours.

With the opening music reaching its crescendo in its usual way, instead of the vista of dinosaurs that one usually awaits, we see the theme park. Sadly the park has reached its tourist zenith and so thousands of visitors are in lines, riding stegosauruses, arriving in their droves from cruise ships and the point is made that they are now blasé about the miracle of Jurassic Park and the only emphasis is bigger, better and the bottom line. There are plenty of opening discussions where figures are the talk of the day to the detriment of care of family, ethics and decency. Main protagonists and guests frequently walk through holographic representations of the dinosaurs with no respect or awe.

There are several nods to the original movie in costuming, props and scene echoes and these are respectfully and beautifully placed. This is also reflected in the themes of the film in which John Hammond’s originally naiveté is continued through the naiveté of his successor with regards to his hopes and dreams for the park and ignorance of the genetic manipulations that continuously lead to the park’s downfall. The ethics of the theme park revenue requirements versus the welfare of the animals plays a major part as one might expect. I was curious with regards to the very clumsy product placement in this film. I felt that it was either a stroke of genius to show that we are all animals in the food chain regardless of the polish and lifestyle choices we apply to our existence, adding to the shock of the total devastation of the park, or this was just clumsy product placement.

The 3D elements of this film were nothing but an astonishing addition to a great story line and bags of action. Occasionally one sees a 3D movie and could take it or leave it but in this case the 3D imagery was used to perfection. I spent the entire film clenched on the edge of my seat as dinosaurs roared at me, flew in flocks directly towards me and jumped out of the water as if to eat me where I sat. The tension was unabating and the story pacey and intriguing, genuinely without a predictable conclusion. The unexpected was at every turn.

This film perfection and highly, highly recommended.

GS Rating: 5/5

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