Kick Ass 2It’s summer, it’s superhero season and the ultra colourful, extremely violent and utterly vulnerable crew of “KICK ASS” are back.  Kicking off from where the last film left we have Dave (Adam Taylor-Johnson) wanting to resume his life as Kick Ass, the first ever superhero.  He is trained by Mindy/Hit Girl (Chole Mortez Grace) and meets a whole new breed of hero’s lead by Colonel Star’s and Stripes (Jim Carey).  However being a superhero has consequences as both Kick Ass and Hit Girl discover as a blast from the past arrives in the form of former hero/friend/betrayer Red Mist, now the Motherf*cker (Christopher Mintz-Plasse).

Now I can go through the story beat by beat but really a) you want to see this film for yourself and b) the story can be picked up from the trailer but what the trailer doesn’t do justice  is show just how great and deep this film actually is.  While there is plenty of action and humour, “Avengers” this ain’t.  While the Dark Knight/Dark Knight Rises explored the relationship between sanity/insanity and how society works it did not really go into the discussion of the lines between fantasy/reality and the consequences both physically and emotionally.  “Kick Ass 2” manages to do this while still joking about S&M gear, shooting someone in the chest and a guy with a dog on his bollocks.

While Adam Taylor-Johnson brings another solid turn as Dave, the geek turned hero, the film belongs to Chole Grace Mortez who’s return as the lethal Hit Girl should go down as one of the greatest depictions of a comic character in film history.  While you will find yourself cheering for her brutal treatment of the bad guys, you find yourself just as drawn into her emotional journey as a teenage girl trying to truly fulfill who she is supposed to be.  Mortez has a truth and humour to her performance that is beyond her years and I believe she is a true talent to watch.  Much like the first film, there is much here to appeal to the fans of the comic and the more mainstream audience.  Also like the first film there is a much lighter tone to the film, namely changing certain actions/outcomes from the comic.  While traditionally this has been a kiss of death to the credence of the film, here it adds to the film and actually gives more room for real development of the characters rather then a relentless downbeat feel that I found the comic had.

While I m not sure it will do the same numbers as “Avengers Assemble” or have the same credibility as “The Dark Knight” it would truly be an injustice if that was a fact.  It is my favourite film of the year and I would rank it as one of the best comic based films I have ever seen.  Go see this film and make sure you stay until the end.

Rating: 5/5

GS Reviewer: Steven Stone

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