FILM REVIEW: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

The fourth entry in the hit franchise has landed but has it run out of steam?

The film starts off with an IMF team on assignment in Budapest which all looks like it is going to plan and then an agent is assassinated. This starts off a chain reaction that forces the remainder of the IMF team to break Ethan Hunt (Cruise) out of a Russian prison. Hunt is given a new mission to lead this team to infiltrate the Kremlin in the heart of Moscow. As expected things go wrong and the blame falls onto the IMF team. The US President has no option but to initiate Ghost Protocol which disavows the whole of the IMF. It is left to Hunt and his team to go rogue,  find out who set them up and stop a nuclear attack on the United States.

Hunt’s new team consists of Paula Patton as Jane Carter, the sexy female agent who can kick the bad guys asses just as well as the men can. Patton shows she can really pull off being an agent with hard intensity and also engages in one of the best fight scenes in the movie with a female assassin. Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn returns from the third movie but this time as a full field agent. Pegg brought some good humour to the last film but this time he is the perfect foil to Hunts seriousness. I could not help but love every scene Pegg was in and made this probably my favourite film in the franchise. Rounding out the team is Jeremy Renner as William Brandt a former IMF field agent with a secret past to Hunt and his wife. What dark secret does he hold and will it make him and Hunt into enemies? Tom Cruise shows that he still has got what it takes to pull off being a leading action star.

This team feels like a good fit as opposed to previous films where the team did not gel as well and I do hope they keep them together for one or two more movies.

Director Brad Bird has done a great job transitioning from animated films like The Iron Giant and The Incredibles and bringing along his sense of wonder and humour. The action scenes are great as always and the stunts are seemingly impossible and quite spectacular to watch at times.

Michael Giacchino does a good job with the music but his one fatal flaw is to not use the Mission Impossible theme to full effect but rather he just barely gets away with it. The theme tune is iconic and still rocks today so why not just go with it. Bad idea Mr Giacchino, next time just leave it in.

Overall a great film and a respectable fourth entry in the franchise that looks like it has a few more years left to pull out some great movies.

GS Rating: 3.5/5

GS Reporter: Montoya

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