FILM REVIEW: Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters

percy Eager to be one of many to pick up Harry Potter’s crown. Percy Jackson gets his second outing…

Okay, so did I enjoy this sequel, and the younger fans will obviously enjoy it too, but it lacked a little something compared to the original, which I think means that it won’t stand up to repeat viewing like the first one did. It’s quick to get up and running and entertaining with it, establishing the storyline and key characters, but like a Harry Potter film (and the comparisons are inevitable), it relies heavily on having read the books – and I hadn’t. What I found strange about this sequel, is that it failed to build up to a climax – the end felt just like one of the steps Percy had taken en-route to get there – contrast that with the original where he had to go through Medusa, the Hydra, the Lotus Easters & then Hades to get to the climax.

The plot is very basic: Percy is having a crisis of confidence, being constantly competitively undermined by others (especially Aries’ daughter Clarisse) in the demigod safe haven of Camp Half Blood. When that home becomes imperiled, Percy and his friends must go on a quest to bring back the Golden Fleece from the Sea of Monsters, and rebuild the barrier around the camp before its integrity is compromised. In parallel Percy discovers a prophecy which indicates he could either be Olympus’ salvation or damnation AND that he has a cyclops half-brother. However, chief nemesis Luke, has other plans for the Golden Fleece, namely resurrecting chief titan, Voldemort, sorry Kronos, to bring vengeance and great fury upon the good in Olympus.

Contrasts to the “Boy Who Lived” continue with the cast, which is a lacking the bigger names of the original (Bean, Brosnan, Thurman); with each Harry Potter sequel the A-list role-call got bigger as the storyline, budget and aspirations got bolder; the special effects & monsters are respectable, so that will keep the kids happy, although the single-eye of Harry’s, Percy’s cyclops brother varied in quality… bottom line – don’t expect this to be as big as the first, and in truth, I think that two bad Titan movies (Wrath & Clash) may have done this genre more harm than good.

GS Rating: 3/5

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