COMIC REVIEW: The Dark Knight – Master Race

Summary: Ray Palmer / The Atom unwittingly releases religious cult of Kryptonians trapped in the miniaturised city of Kandor, who proclaim themselves the new rulers of Earth intent on cleansing the world of all those who won’t kneel before them… all that’s left to stop them are the remnants of a very much broken Justice League.

Following on from Frank Miller’s seminal “The Dark Knight Returns” (1986), and it’s sequel, “The Dark Knight Strikes Again” (aka DK2 / DKII – 2001), “The Dark Knight – Master Race” (or DK3 / DKIII as it’s also known) follows many years on in a world where Bruce Wayne is very much presumed dead, and The Batman & Carrie Kelley (his last Robin) have all but disappeared.

The story kicks off with three key storylines forming the central arc: the appearance of the The Batman on the streets of Gotham, but this time fighting the GCPD, the journey of Wonder Woman back to Amazonia with her new-born son (fathered by Superman – who is also missing in self-exile), and the request by Lara (daughter of Wonder Woman / Superman) to Ray Palmer / The Atom, to release the inhabitants of Kandor – the last city of Krypton, miniaturised in a glass capsule – which she finds in a desolate and decrepit Fortress of Solitude.

These three paths intersect with the inhabitants being released, but then being revealed as a cult, bent on ruling their newly found planet, and cleansing the human population of all those who will not yield and proclaim them as their new gods. It’s left to the Batman to re-assemble the Justice League and craft a plan to re-take the world…

I have to confess, I was rather looking forward to this, and devoured it one sitting. The story is a good one, and is littered with the sign of our times, namely religious / cultish indoctrination, the changes in society from generation to generation (I did struggle with some panels that clearly were using Text Speech… guess I am getting old!) – hell, even Trump in all his two-faced glory managed to make an appearance. The plotline is well written – as each member of the JL is brough in (and there are many of them), and they find themselves compromised by the new Kryptonian arrivals, and you are left wondering how they will be overcome, and if anyone will pay the ultimate price (bearing in mind that Miller is not afraid to kill key characters off).

I didn’t “go a bundle” on all of the artwork – some of the contributing artists were not necessarily to my taste. But what is delivered is a very satisfying installment in the Miller DK universe, and I look forward to a DK4 when the time and story are just right…

The Dark Knight – Master Race is available to buy now.

GS Blogger: SilverFox

GS Rating: 4/5


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