FILM REVIEW: X-Men: Days of Future Past

We’ve just seen the latest X-Men film, Days of Future Past, and it’s the best X-Men movie ever made!

Well, Thursday night six of us trekked to the pictures to see Bryan Singer’s latest instalment of the Fox’s X-Men franchise, and we can honestly say that taking into account all the X-Men films and Wolverine spin-offs, this is by far  the best X-Men film to date. The story, if you don’t know the comic, is brilliant: a not-to-distant dystopian future finds the last of the world’s mutants and much of humanity on the run from an army of Sentinels, who are more than equipped to defeat them. These mutants are led by Professor X and Magneto, along with new-comers Cable, Warpath & Blink, and stalwarts Wolverine, Storm, & Ice-Man. The story is simple: undo this present calamity by going back to 1973 and changing a pivotal moment allows the US government to green light it’s Sentinel program. The only person capable of enduring the time travel journey is The Wolverine, so back he goes to post-X-Men: First Class 1973. There he must reconcile the differences between a young Charles Xavier, now a disillusioned drunk and a young Erik, currently languishing in a plastic prison at the bottom of the Pentagon. Once he can assemble a team to do all this, he can set them to work changing the past to prevent the disastrous future that awaits them all.

Without giving any more plot mechanics or spoilers, the plot is just first rate – there may have been a few minor inconsistencies, but we didn’t care – the storytelling is pretty watertight and very entertaining. The characters bring this film to life – young Erik & Charles are as engaging as they were in their first outings and their older versions, played by Stewart and Mckellen, were a pleasure to see on screen again. Jackman one more nails the role of Wolverine, making it harder than ever to conceive of another actor replacing him. Jennifer Lawrence continues to establish herself as a leading actress, and the addition of Games of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage is a master-stroke, although there are times you think he’s a little under-used. And the rest of the cast – old & new – put in admirable performances. But the guy who steals the show for the time that he is in it is Quicksilver. I must confess when I first saw the stills of Evan Peters, the jacket & hair, I wasn’t sold – but trust me, he is brilliant. His powers, dialogue, incredible sense of humour sees his steal the show from all who surround him. After you watch his portrayal, you have to wonder if the Avengers 2 team are sitting at home scratching their heads on how to top that.

The film has just the right level of mirth mixed in with some great action sequences. Some of the humour is evenly played such as Wolverine walking through a metal detector; others are more lore related: such as Quicksilver on first meeting Magneto. The action sequences – and you only realise after you’ve finished enjoying the film, that there aren’t many of them – are first rate: especially the opening battle between the last of the mutants & the Sentinels, and Quicksilver’s spin in the prison kitchen. Switching between the kitsch of the 1970’s and the desolation of the future is seamlessly handled, and the ending of the movie, is so beautifully done, with a nod to many an X-Man gone past, that if they never made another X-Men film again, you would feel content that they had tied up all the loose ends wonderfully.

However, no fear of that happening – hang around for the end of the credits!

Fox have done themselves proud to have turned the franchise around from the mess that was X3 and Origins: Wolverine this film is an epic win!

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