Final Fantasy XIII sequel confirmed (trailer)

On 11th January 2011 excitement hit the net after somebody noticed that Corporation Services Company registered the domain for Square Enix. Now, a debut trailer for the game Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been leaked after a Square Enix event and is currently on youtube (although, who  know’s how long it’ll stay there before it gets taken down).

See it while you can:

I for one was bitterly disappointed with FF XIII, in fact I STILL am being constantly disappointed by it (don’t get me wrong though I’m a HUGE fan of the FF series). I’m still playing the game though, in the hope that when I get ’round to finishing the story it’d have…hopefully, been worth it. The game keep suckering me in for 2 hour long play sessions, before I’ve realised I actually spent the two hours bored out of my skull. Whilst as usual from Square Enix games, the storyline and animation is brilliant, the gameplay for XIII was outrageously dull. Every time I got into a battle it just feels like wasted time from me getting to the end. I think I’d have been better of with “Final Fantasy XIII – The Movie”. Hopefully 13-2 will be better, but unless I hear that it has seriously improved on the gameplay of it’s predecessor I doubt it’ll be on my wishlist.

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