Finally! Joss Whedon Joins Twitter

After tweeting from the Much Ado About Nothing film account, Joss Whedon must have been bitten by the twitter bug as he has now opened his own account.

Going by the name @Jossactual and describing himself as;

Ladies man, man’s man, man about town… Java man, Isle of Man, Mandroid, Man Who Would Be King Ralph, girly man.

Within 3 hours he had over 7,000 followers and hundreds of retweets

His very first tweet was;

It’s me! Joss!  My own account!  No more hiding under studio skirts!  I’m FREE! ‪@MuchAdoFilm ‪@AgentsofSHIELD ‪@Marvel ‪@roadsidetweets ‪#free

Followed quickly by;

MY account!  I got strong opinions!  I’m gettin’ POLITICAL! (Heads up, LEMURS.) And making wry observations about mundane stuff! ‪#airlines

I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to seeing what pearls of wisdom Joss can dispense in 140 characters or less.  Get following!

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