Firefly Table Top Game Deal

firefly-logoSerenity is still flying as Twentieth Century Fox does a deal with Toy Vault to create a number of Firefly tabletop games.  


In a Facebook and press release  last week, Toy Vault announced that they have signed a deal with Twentieth Century Fox to develop tabletop games, plush and novelty items from the Firefly franchise. It is expected that the games will be board games rather than card or RPG, and I will definitely be taking a look.

I would be interested to know just how much Firefly has made Fox; for a company that is slated for cancelling the series they seem very eager to ride on the shows die hard fans.  Maybe with Joss Whedon’s success with The Avengers and the seemingly increased interest in the Firefly franchise Fox might consider opening up the ‘verse again.

While I don’t think a second series of Firefly would work 10 years after the series ended, maybe a Sci-Fi Western set in the same universe, with the same creative team and some guest appearances would work.


Source: Geek Native
Reporter: Amy

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