Episode 1 of Post-Apocalyptic Web Series ‘The Silent City’ Launches

A new crowded web series hits the net and it’s looks pretty good.

I know that some people aren’t fans of the rise of crowdfunding but personally if people believe in a project and want to show their support by putting their money towards it then that’s down to them I say. My other reason for being in support of crowdfunding is when I get to see the results of some of the cool projects that are being developed. Many of these projects would probably never see the light of day and be forever  confined to the recesses of their creators imagination.

One project which thankfully for it’s creators has raised enough cash to put out it’s first episode is a post-apocalyptic web series ‘The Silent City’. I watched the first episode, filmed in some of the abandoned areas of New York and enjoyed what I saw. The episode had a kind of Book of Eli/I am Legend feel to it and after checking out the trailer for the entire series I’m interested in seeing more. My only worry is that at the moment it does feel very similar to so many other post-apocalyptic projects but it’s only the first episode and I want to see if it can offer something different.  I’ve stuck episode 1 ‘A fractured World’ and the trailer below.


Episode 1

Source:Boing Boing
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