This time of year I spend a lot of time watching new TV shows  trying to work out, what is good and what will  last more than one series. This year is no exception so I thought  I would give you my opinions based solely on the first episode of some of these new shows.

My first FIRST IMPRESSION is Sinbad, an action adventure series based on the loosely on the Arabic (or Persian, depending on your sources) stories.  The first episode was aired on Sky 1 (UK channel) on Sunday 8th July.  In my opinion the most well know actor so far in this is Naveen Andrews, of Lost fame.  However there are a lot of actors who I recognise but can’t remember where from. (Thank goodness for IMDB). Be warned there are some big spoilers ahead if you’ve not seen episode one.

The series starts off with Sinbad in a fist fight which doesn’t seem to be going so well however after a nod to his brother who has just put a bet on him suddenly he begins to win the fight.  However the other fighter is killed in the fight.  Sinbad and his brother then go and con some African travelers out their wares before returning home.

The fighter that Sinbad inadvertently killed was the son of Lord Akbari (Naveen Andrews) who kills Sinbad’s brother in payment of the blood debt.  However Lord Akbari believes the debt is not paid with the death of one “street rat” (more on that later) and vows further revenge. Sinbad’s grandmother then curses him, never to spend more than a day on land and Sinbad stows away on a ship to escape both Akbari and to keep the curse at bay.

The ship hits rough seas and is attacked by some really awesome looking water dragons.  Few of the crew survive but those who do venture on. Then we are hit but a “Next time” cut scene.

The episode was beautiful and the actors were really good.  Elliot Knight (Sinbad) has the likeable rogue aspect which works well.  I like the fact that Sky have not gone down the Prince of Persia route giving us a Middle-Eastern hero along with a truly diverse cast.

I imagine that Middle-Eastern harbour towns would have been similar to what is portrayed people coming from Europe , Africa and Asia all to trade and seek their fortunes.

One hang up I have is how often the term “street rat” is used, I can’t help but sing the “One Jump Ahead” song from Aladdin  but that’s Disney brainwashing for you.

If I’m honest this really wasn’t enough for me, I could have done with a double episode.  I feel like I’ve sat through an hour of prologue. Sky really should have broadcast this as a double episode, currently I am not invested in any of the characters and am unsure whether to watch the next one.  The first episode should make you beg for more and this didn’t.

Watch the next on?  I probably will. I haven’t been put off, just not left wanting more

GS Reviewer: Amy

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  1. You might be interested in the upcoming SINBAD-THE NEW VOYAGES from Airship 27. I had the pleasure of writing a story for the first volume with re-imagines Sinbad as the son of a Nubian prince and Moorish princess who sails the seven seas with an international crew of adventurers. I kindly direct you to my own blog where more information about this project can be found:

    • geeksyndicate /

      Cheers for the link Derrick. It looks very cool fella…will try and give this a mention on our website.

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