First Photo of Colin Morgan as Jimmy Minor in BBC’s Quirke

cm_quirke1He’s definitely not Merlin anymore! Today, we had our first glimpse of Colin Morgan in his role as Jimmy Minor for the BBC’s upcoming 1950’s mystery drama Quirke.

Morgan will be guest starring as Jimmy Minor in “Elegy for April”, the third and final episode of the series that stars Gabriel Byrne in the title role. The show centers around the Dublin morgue pathologist who investigates cases of sudden death.

As anyone following Twitter yesterday may have seen, the fact that Morgan is Irish seemed to come as a surprise to many. But those hoping that they’ll get to hear the star’s real accent onscreen are going to be disappointed. The Armagh-born actor stated that “Although I am working in Ireland I am doing a Dublin accent, so I don’t get to use my own accent. Hopefully soon I will!”


Quirke is currently filming in Ireland and is set to air later this year.

Source: BBC
Reporter: Sharlene Mousfar


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