First photos from iBoy aka ‘Get a Kicking and Get Superpowers’

So in case you didn’t have enough of a backlog on your Netflix account later this month the streaming service will be releasing a new film called iBoy. The film is about a kid who gets a kicking from some thugs which ends up with pieces of his smartphone in his head.

On the plus side the kid wakes from a coma and discovers the smartphone pieces in his brain give him superpowers and he sets off to get his own back on the gang who attacked him.

The premises is intriguing and has a great cast with Maisie ‘Game of Thrones’ Williams, Miranda Richardson and Roy Kinnear. The press release we were sent gave no hint of what powers iBoy gets but I’m guessing sending waves of angry birds at his enemies isn’t one of them.

At the moment my burning questions are will iBoy need to download Apple updates to stay alive? Will he still to pay his phone tariff as techincally he will still be using it?

Well we won’t have to wait long for all those answers and more as iBoy will launch on 27th January. Check out the first look photos below.

iboy-1 iboy-2 iboy-3 iboy-4

Source: Netflix
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