First Set Pics for ‘Oldboy’ American Adaptation

Oldboy Korean Adaptation A few pictures from the set of the Spike Lee directed Old Boy adaptation have leaked out.

WARNING: Very mild spoilers– and a shirtless Josh Brolin are to follow. You have been warned!


Two show the star, Josh Brolin, in business attire and with his shirt off, smoking. Either he really likes smoking, or his character does. Another interesting picture is of a dead body on a stretcher. Other pictures include unidentified actors sitting together, and another unidentified actor playing a reporter. Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene), Sharlto Copley (District 9) and Samuel L. Jackson are also starring, but no images of them in character have surfaced yet. The story follows Brolin’s character, a man who is falsely imprisoned for 15 years, and is released. He then hunts for the reason why he was locked up.

Oldboy will premiere in in 2013, a decade after the Korean film adaptation.

Source: Just Jared

Reporter: VichusSmith

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