First Trailer Released for Robocop Reboot

robocop-reboot-onsetI’m a big fan of the original Robocop film and again not sure if it needed an upgrade but as always Hollywood knows better, despite my best efforts. Anyhoo the first look at the remake of Paul Paul Verhoeven’s bad ass metallic enforcer of law and order is here.

I actually thought the trailer looked ok (although some shots looks like they were left over from the cutting room floor of the Total Recall remake). It didn’t blow me away or anything and I reckon by the end of the day I will have forgotten it.

My worry is the choice to not go for an 18 rating like the first film may have been a bad move. I mean still find it tough to rewatch the moment in the original film where Alex Murphy is gunned down, it’s just a harsh scene. The way its handled in the reboot is ‘different’ to say the least. I know it’s a trailer but it does feel a little blood lite compared to its original. Still I’ve eaten humble pie before when it comes to a reboot so I will wait and see whether or not I need to send Ed209 round to have a word with the director.

Also what the hell is up with Samuel L Jackon’s hair? I’m guessing all the heavy satire from the futuristic world that played a big part in the original is going to be handled by Sam? Will he utter that immortal ‘I’ll buy that for a dollar’ or in the reboot version ‘I’ll buy that for a dollar motherf…no wait this isn’t an 18 so I can’t say that right?’

Let us know what you think of the trailer.

Reporter: Nuge
Source: youtube

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