Forbidden Planet International Offering Indie Talent Chance To Shine

Forbidden Planet International have long been a great ambassador for the comic indie scene with the reviews and the coverage on all the latest stuff that is going on. Their commitment seems to be growing with a new blog entitled New Cartoonist

The blog offers the chance to new talent to show off one page of their work and to answer questions such as why did you want to get into the genre. Joe Gordon, the blogmaster seems determined to make this as much a success for the creators as it will be for the site: “As usual and feature will be linked back to their own sites and twitter etc, so it’s a nice chance to throw a wee spotlight on the newest emerging talent on the scene and direct folks to where they can find out more from their own sites.”

Daniel Humphry and Will Elliot are the first creators mentioned but FBI are looking for more people to come and share their work. Simply email Joe at

This sounds like an incredible opportunity for indie folk to get their work out and see by a bigger audience.

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

GS Source: downthetubes


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