Freddie Highmore Cast as Norman Bates

‘Bates Motel’ is a TV series based around the early life of Norman Bates – the character vividly bought to life by Anthony Perkins in the Hitchcock film ‘Psycho’

Freddie Highmore – most well known for playing Charlie Bucket in Time Burton’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and Jared/Simon in ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ – has been cast as the young Norman.

Executive producer Carlton Cuse – whose last major project was the tv show LOST – outlined why they cast Highmore:

“Norman Might not be what fans expect. ” “[we aren’t] looking for someone to imitate [Anthony] Perkins, as this series will offer an original, multi-layered take on Hitchcock’s classic.”

The series intends to cover Bates early childhood ¬†through to his teen years, including the twisted relationship Bates had with his mother. ¬†Actress Vera Farmina (‘Up In the Air’, ‘Source Code’, and ‘Orphan’) has already accepted the role of Mr’s Bates, Norman’s mother.

Source: TV Guide
Reporter: Faintdreams

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