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A quick round-up of free-of-charge comics & graphic novels currently available for your Kindle or tablet Kindle App…



The trouble with Amazon (and to a degree iTunes as well) is that when it comes to free of charge comics, whilst there are plenty of samplers (10-20 odd pages long), there are very few full length issues. A classic example of this is the Fathom series by the late great Michael Turner (previously covered in GS Digital Magazine Vol. 3). There are plenty of samplers, but no full issues on free circulation.

But we’ve found a few to fill your tablet, so here they are:

The Untamed #1 – Sebastian A. Jones (Author), Peter Bergting (Author), Hyoung Taek Nam (Author), Troy Peteri (Author), Christopher Garner (Author), Darrell May (Author), Joshua Cozine (Author) – 38 Pages

I was given a second chance in death. Vengeance was offered and I was quick to accept.” A cloaked Stranger slips into the Town of Oasis, changing things forever. Ten years it has been since he ran this town with malice and harshness. Even then, there was hope for his soul. His wife and daughter were on the verge of turning him from wickedness, but they were murdered, and so was he. Now a deal has been made and he has returned, hell-bent on killing Seven days for seven souls.When he meets a young girl, Niobe, she offers him a last chance at salvation and he must make a choice between revenge and redemption.Welcome to the vast and volatile world of Asunda.

Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies #1 & #2 – B. Alex Thompson (Author, Contributor), Christian Duce (Illustrator), Martin Coccolo (Contributor), Richard Nelson (Contributor), Alessio Nocerino (Contributor) – 29 pages each issue

Dead Man on Campus, Part 1 of 2: The first half of the full color series origin! It’s the night of the “Chaos Campus” volleyball tournament between partnered sororities Epsilon Alpha Zeta Upsilon and Alpha Zeta Zeta. During the after party zombies decide to crash the festivities!

Part 2: On the night of the “Chaos Campus” volleyball tournament between partnered sororities Epsilon Alpha Zeta Upsilon and Alpha Zeta Zeta, zombies descended upon the festivities. Friends were dismembered, classmates disemboweled, and lovers tom limb from limb! The survivors split into three groups to cover more ground for help forcing Paige, Brittany, and Jamie into a team. The trio are still getting used to each other’s quirks and might kill each other before the zombies do.

Photo Booth – Lewis Helfand (Author), Mark Jones (Editor), Rashmi Menon (Editor), Aditi Ray (Editor), Sachin Nagar (Illustrator, Contributor), Vishal Sharma (Contributor), Bhavanath Chaudhary (Contributor), Jayakrishnan K P (Contributor), Ajo Kurian (Contributor), Rajesh Nagulakonda (Contributor), Prince Varghese (Contributor) – 80 pages

He wanted to change the past, but first he would have to alter the future…A new deadly drug is about to flood the streets of New York City. The police have no leads on who is producing the drug, or where it is coming from. As far as Praveer Rajani, a wreckless Interpol agent, is concerned – the only way to prevent countless deaths lies in a handful of mysterious photographs.Within the photographs, Praveer can see images of places he has never known, and people he has long forgotten. But what are the photographs leading him to? Is Praveer being told that his life is spiraling out of control, and he now has one chance to put things right?Or are the photographs related to a murder that Praveer is desperate to solve? Perhaps they are showing the love that his brother, Jayendra, let slip away or even the family that his sister, Nisha, wants back?The mystery will finally be solved in this exciting thriller from Campfire.

Pewfell #1 – Adam Prosser (Author, Contributor), Chuck Whelon (Author, Illustrator, Contributor) – 31 pages

Meet Pewfell, a slacker wizard who lives in the fabulous city of Spirekassle. He’s married to Tina the warrior princess and works a day job in the local pharmacy. When Tina has to take a month off due to a shortage of orc settlements to pillage, Pewfell must find other ways to supplement their income…

John Woo’s Seven Brothers – Garth Ennis (Author), Jeevan J. Kang (Illustrator, Contributor), Yoshitako Amano (Contributor), John Woo(Contributor) – 38 Pages

A free first issue preview of the comic book series created by acclaimed filmmaker John Woo, (Mission Impossible 2; Face-Off; Red Cliff) and written by acclaimed comic book writer Garth Ennis (Punisher, The Boys, Preacher) with striking artwork from Jeevan J. Kang (Nowhere Man, Ramayan 3392AD, H20).

Ragnaroc Inc: Embrace Oblivion #1 & #2 – Jason Garrett (Author) – 39 & 33 pages

#1: Embark on a hi-tech action adventure thrill ride with Ragnaroc Inc. As a second Big Bang explosion is set to consume the Earth in seven years, John “Lazarus” Thunderstarr and his space-time warping company Ragnaroc Inc are hired to find a solution to the impossible. However, John’s enemies are numerous and closing in. He must be protected at any cost.

#2: Michael, emboldened by assistance from an unlikely source, makes his move.

Deathmark #1 – Steven V. Zyskowski (Author, Contributor), Joseph C. Zyskowski (Editor, Contributor), Terral Lawrence (Illustrator, Contributor), James M. Anderson (Contributor), David Mowry (Contributor), Greg Weed (Contributor) – 37 pages

CE Publishing presents to you Steve Zyskowski’s DEATHMARK #1, a Lightning Comics revival! Here’s an amazing tale of action and adventure brought back from the past! This issue embarks on what will become all new and continuing adventures for Deathmark and War Party!

Lake Michigan Blues – Ryu Miyaki (Author), Eryck Webb (Author) – 125 pages

In this fast-paced crime thriller, FBI Special Agent John Randolph’s life spirals out of control as he pursues mob boss Joseph Napoli. Meanwhile, undercover agent Billy Valentine’s loyalty is challenged when he becomes romantically involved with Napoli’s daughter Stephanie.

MEGABOOK M2 – Mike Rickaby (Author) MEGABOOK M2, the Biggest FREE Comic book in the Universe! 45 stories and 465 pages long!

Amazing comics from 13 different publishers and 101 creators. Everything you could possibly want in one Giant Book! Here is a TON of amazing adventures from fabulous creators from all over the indie comics universe. If you thought MEGABOOK M1 was big, you ain’t seen nothing yet! M1 called his little brother and he’s Massive! BEWARE! Downloading this book may cause your computer to be VERY HEAVY! Use caution and find a partner for lifting.

Nowhere Man – Marc Guggenheim (Author), Jeevan J. Kang (Illustrator) – 39 Pages

What if you could have the world of your dreams…and all it cost you was every private thought you ever had. A free first issue preview of the comic book series created and written by Marc Guggenheim (Amazing Spider-Man, No Ordinary Family, Halcyon), with artwork by Jeevan J. Kang (John Woo’s Seven Brothers, The Sadhu, Ramayan 3392AD).

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