FrightFest 2013 – Film Line Up

That’s right horror fans it’s that time of year again as Film4 FrightFest comes to London Empire during the August Bank Holiday. This year they also have two discovery screens, giving you more of a chance to watch the films that you want to. 




As always FrightFest runs over the August Bank holiday weekend, so this year it will be from Thursday 22nd to Monday 26th August. 

Below are details of all the films showing in the main screen.


6:30pm – The Dead 2: India (WORLD PREMIERE: Nicholas Burton must trek from one side of the country to the other if he is to save the love of his life and his unborn child from an impending flesh-eating zombie holocaust)

9:00pm – The Curse of Chucky (EUROPEAN PREMIERE: Set after the events of Child’s Play 3, in this film Chucky arrives to wreak havoc within a dysfunctional family regrouped for a funeral) – For further info check out SilverFox’s post here

11:00 – You’re Next (LONDON PREVIEW: Home invasion horror that is part suspense, part comedy and part splatter movie, that people have been talking about for ages)









10:30am – The Dyatlov Pass Incident (UK PREMIERE: Nine Russian hikers went into the Ural mountains, and two weeks later were found dead. Their tents were ripped open from the inside, and they all appeared to have died from hypothermia. None five young film makers retrace their steps to try to find out what really happened)

12:45pm – Dementamania (WORLD PREMIERE: On Friday 13th Edward Arkham steps on a wasp, that and the events that unfold through-out the day eventually cause him to go into a bloody frenzy)

4:15pm – Hatchett III (UK PREMIERE: In this the third movie Marybeth uncovers the true secret to stopping the voodoo curse that has left the ghost of manic Victor Crowely haunting the New Orleans bayou)

6:45 – Haunter (UK PREMIERE: Lisa and her family are not only dead, but must relive the last day before they were killed by serial killer the Haunter. Then Lisa feels the presence of Olivia who lives in the house now, and realises that the Haunter is coming back for more)

9:15 – V/H/S 2 (UK PREMIERE: Two PIs break into the house of a missing student and discover a collection of strange videotapes. They show four shocking films, which lead the investigators to discover the horrible motives behind the disappearance)

11:30 – 100 Bloody Acres (UK PREMIERE: Australian comedy about Reg Morgan who has an organic bone fertiliser business that is steps ahead of the competition due to his secret ingredient – liquidised human corpses. He then picks up three ‘townies’ and is torn between adding them to his business or falling in love with one of them)














10:30am – The Hypnotist (UK PREMIERE: A whole family has been targeted by a killer, but only the eldest has escaped. She is missing and next on the killers list. DI Joona Linna needs to get the answers from the only witness who has gone into severe shock, and in desperation turns to disgraced hypnotist Erik Maria Bark)

1:15pm – Frankenstein’s Army (ENGLISH PREMIERE: During WWII Russian soldiers stumble upon a secret Nazi laboratory where a mad scientist is using the journal of Dr. Victor Frankenstein to conduct experiments in order to create unstoppable undead soldiers by fusing flesh and steel)

3:30pm – Hammer Of The Gods (UK PREMIERE: Britain 871 AD in order to keep the Viking position in central Britain, dying Kind Bagsecg sends his son Steinar and his friends to find his firstborn Hakan the Ferocious to fight the oncoming Saxon armies)

6:00pm – No One Lives (UK PREMIERE: Fourteen students are murdered but one person gets away, the one person who can identify who the killer is. Months later a gang car jack a couple in car – but this is not any couple. The driver is the killer, and the passenger is a women he has kidnaped who could identify the killer and so help the gang get their hands on a very large reward)

8:55pm – R.I.P.D (UK PREMIERE: When Nick Walker dies he is sent to join the Rest In Peace Department, tracking criminal ghosts disguised as ordinary people. Walker and R.I.P.D veteran Roy Pulsifer must work together to stop a plot that could end life as the world knows it) – See Montoc’s previous post here








11:30pm – Cheap Thrills (ENGLISH PREMIERE: Friends Craig and Vince run into a wealthy couple in a bar who start making bets on the friend’s behaviour. The bets start out innocently, but eventually spiral out of control becoming more extreme and bloody as the night goes on)


10:15am – Missionary (EUROPEAN PREMIERE: Two mormon missionaries arrives to preach the gospel at Katharine Kingsmen’s door. She initially lets them play football with her son, but when one of them Elder Brook becomes obsessed with the family, Katharine shuns his affections. This sends psychopath Brook over the edge until he finally resorts to massacre)

12:40pm – In Fear (PREVIEW: A young couple on their way to a music festival follow hotel signs that cause them to become lost, and the target of an unknown tormentor)








2:50pm – Andy Nyman’s Quiz From Hell 4

& The Grief Tourist (PREVIEW: Once a year Jim Tahna takes a holiday to the important locations in the life of different serial killers. This year whilst staying in a motel Jim discovers a prostitute staying in the room next door, and soon Jim starts to lose his grip on reality, and results in terrible violence)

6:45pm – 666 Short Film Awards (In this years competition entrants had to make films following certain rules: a maximum of 6 lines of dialogue, a maximum of 6 cast and crew members, and a maximum budget of £666. The 6 shortlisted films will be shown, and an overall winner chosen)

& The Conspiracy (UK PREMIERE: Found footage movie about two filmmakers who are shooting a documentary about Terrance G a conspiracy theorist. Four weeks into the documentary Terrance goes missing, and the filmmakers start being following by strange black vans. They investigate further and discover the Tarsus Club cult, and decide to infiltrate the cult which will no doubt end in disaster)

9:10pm – The Last Days (UK PREMIERE: Sci Fi fantasy about a mysterious epidemic – The Panic that has spread across the world. It causes an irrational fear of open spaces and so results in death. With the world’s population trapped inside, Marc armed with only a GPS device must search for his pregnant girlfriend without setting foot outside)

11:30pm – I Spit On Your Grave 2 (UK PREMIERE: This sequel to the controversial movie see Kate brutalised, tortured, kidnapped to a foreign country, then buried alive and left for dead. But being the movie it is, you know Kate is going to get her bloody revenge on her tormentors)


11:30am – Dark Touch (UK PREMIERE: In an isolated Irish country house, objects and furniture attack and kill the inhabitants. Only 11 year old Niamh survives. However once she is taken in by a new family the violence looks like it going to start all over again)

1:30pm – Banshee Chapter 3D (WORLD PREMIERE: Based on real documents, and secrets about testing run by the CIA this film follows internet journalist Anne Roland. Her investigations guide her to discover mind altering drugs and experiments created from disturbing secrets. This leads back to the dark days of the CIA and a mysterious Chamber 5 in a secret desert research centre)

3:35pm – Odd Thomas (UK PREMIERE: Based on the best-selling book by Dean R. Koontz. Odd Thomas sees murdered dead people. One day whilst working in his diner as a cook, he meets a strange man surrounded by ‘bodachs’ – shadowy spirit creatures who only appear at times of death and distraction. Odd must find out what this all means before dark forces are unleashed)








6:30pm – We Are What We Are (UK PREMIERE: Following the sudden death of their mother siblings Rose and Iris are ordered by their father to carry out a macabre ritual. However when a torrential storm hits their town the river overflows, and the local authorities start to find clues that will lead them to discover the families dark secret)

9:00pm – Big Bag Wolves (UK PREMIERE: In this black comedy, the lives of three men are put on a collision cause after a series of brutal murders)


Festival Passes (for everyday) – £170

Day Passes: Thursday – £29
                        Friday, Saturday or Sunday – £56
                        Monday – £47

Single Tickets – £12

Festival and Day Passes allow you to watch any film, including the ones in the discovery & rediscovery screens (to see the films that are being shown on these screens click here). Tickets for the discovery & rediscovery screens are issued on a first come first served basis on the day. 


Source: FrightFest
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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