Frightfest’s Spring Awakening Program Annouced

If anyone one will be free next weekend and you’ll be around Leicester Square in London at the time, stop by the Prince Charles on Saturday the 8th and catch Film4 Frightfest’s Spring Awakening day of films.

Frightfest is London’s very own Fantastic film festival held every August that showcases the UK and the world’s best movies. While I’m bummed that I’m not in the UK for this event, I am pretty impressed with how the program is set up. Here is the schedule of events.


12 NOON – Embodiment of Evil
2.00 P.M. – Shuttle
4.00 P.M. – Repo! The Genetic Opera
with director Darren Lynn Bousman and members of the cast.
7.00 p.M. – surprise Film
with director and members of the cast.

9.30 P.M. Not Quite Hollywood
11.45 P.M. Turkey Shoot

Embodiment of Evil is definitely one of the tops of this list. It’s the final chapter to the Brazilian Boogeyman Coffin Joe, a character Jose Mojica Marins has been building into a cultural phenomena in films and comics since the 60’s. Repo! is another strong addition due to it’s start as an off Broadway opera and an exile into DVD due to politics. While I heard Not Quite Hollywood is quite good, I’ve not seen it yet. Turkey Shoot is a quite fun and gory postapocaliptic version of The Most Dangerous Game. Great little film.

If you want tickets, Contact the Prince Charles Cinema box office.

Source: Film4 Frightfest

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  1. Turkey Shoot was legendary when it was released in NZ way back when. They tried to ban it and it wound up getting released with an R20 certificate! It was certainly the video to get out and watch once it got released. These were the heady, pre-classification days for videos in New Zealand, where kids could pretty much get out anything at the store owners discretion (except for porn). All those video nasties you had banned? That was my 13 year-old bread and butter. And I turned out just fine. Just fine.

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