Fringe Season 3 Episode 20 6.02AM

Fringe begins to gear up for a season Finale. Rather like a humongous machine in fact, and like a giant mechanical device it takes a little time starting up (and clanks a bit along the way.)

We swap and change between universes a bit in this episode and in looking at the chops and changes we’ll encounter spoilers.

Walternate through his baby-napping banter has managed to kick start the machine on his end through ‘qauntum entangelment’ the kick starts Bluenoses’ machine to and all manner of fortean Fringe events begin to kick off. Well okay there is some dodgy things happening to sheep – but LOTS of sheep. That’s maybe unfair but the issue here is one that’s fundamental to Fringe and that weakens when we start to deal with the end of the world.

Fringe leans heavily on the turmoil even the soap banter of the ‘big three’ Walter-Peter and in particular Olivia. When they are less in direct peril and we’re worrying about the world…we’re less worrried, or at least I was.

There was an element of threat and peril when Peter approaches the machine and a very touching scene with Walter aknowledging he might lose Peter, but it’s a bit slow and shallow. Not because of the performances but because of the diverted focus.

Diverted focus you say? Yes because we also have Fauxiliva running around being disturbed by Walternate actions and wanting to seek another solution than destroying the Bluenose universe. All pleasantly action movie but her plan is poorly thought out, rushed and feels like a little bit of an afterthought. The end result is it doesn’t work on it’s own terms and it pulls away from the main story at a time when we could really do with focusing on it.   

Hmmm a little bit of a weak episode for me, the stars are more down to the anticipation built up for the end run of the series than for the episode’s own strengths.

3/5 stars


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