From Game of Thrones to Avengers Assemble Anime Kei Offers up Some Musical Recaps

Who doesn’t love a good musical interlude? I know I do and clearly the team at the 86th floor website and youtube channel do as well.

They have now enlisted the musical stylings of Anime Kei, a  dynamic duo who have a fantastic knack of trimming down all our genre films and TV into fantastic musical recaps.

I would recommend you stop by the 86th floor youtube channel to check out the Anime Kei vids (as well as the other stuff 86th floor has to offer).

To get you started here are a few of my fave Anime Kei vids…you’re welcome Geekdom…oh and be warned these vids contain spoilers and swearing.

Game of Thrones Recap

Avengers Assemble Recap

Mad Max Fury Road Recap

GS Blogger: Nuge
Source: 86th Floor

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