Full Thought Bubble 2010 programme announced

This years Thought Bubble is quickly approaching, and the excitement is building. Over on the official site they have just released full details for all the events happening over the weekend.

This will be my first ever con so I’m really looking forward to it! if you want to talk to me i’ll be the idiot buying comics he can’t afford and possibly stalking Stephen Wacker or John Romita Jr!

Nuge here as Matt has beaten me to the punch getting this up I just wanted to hijack his post to add I’ve already made a list of the panels I want to check out (and the ones I wish I was on…lol). Of course it goes without saying that one of my fave bits is the fantastic after show party in the Alea Casino (mainly as I get the rare chance to don a suit and look relatively smart). This year though there will be no watching me get steadily more nervous and drink more as I await our evening GS panel as we won’t be doing one. Who knows maybe we’re just have an impromptu one in the bar depending on alcohol consumption.

If you’ve never been to the Thought Bubble before and you love comics you should really try to make it this year as it’s a great event.

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