Full Trailer Released for True Blood Season 6

True-Blood-Season-6After many teaser trailers, HBO have finally released a full trailer for Season 6 of True Blood.

Due out on Fox in the UK sometime in the autumn (no release date as yet), we have to wait a little longer than our American cousins as the US release date is the 16th June.

This series will only contain 10 episodes instead of the usual 12, this appears to be partially due to Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) being pregnant and for economic reasons. Joining this season as a special guest is horror and sci-fi veteran Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) playing a mysterious character called Macklyn.


From the look of the trailer things are looking bad for the vampires as humans are finally hitting back.

With another season not being green-lit yet, is the Faerie in the trailer right when she says, ‘it is the beginning of the end?’ As a fellow Fang-Banger I really hope not!

Anyway check out the trailer here and add a comment below telling me what you think:

Source: YouTube

Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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