Futurama Season 6 Episode 14 – Neutopia

Good news, every… Wait, haven’t we done that before? Hmmm… Anyway, Futurama is back! Dip, indeed!

The girls and guys of Planet Express are trying to stop the company from going bust. After a failed attempt at making a girly calendar, Planet Express is turned into a commercial airline. What would Futurama be, though, if things went right? It is not long before the crew and their passengers crash on a desolate world, where a genderless rock alien tries to resolve the differences between the genders, by making them all like him.

While this episode is basically a battle of the sexes, the show does manage to make this age old topic interesting. Fry as a woman is slightly unnerving, but we have already seen Leela as a man so at least we have that as a starting off point. The show is driven by jokes rather than plot, but that’s OK.

Futurama appears to be trying to keep up with shows that have come along during it’s hiatus – Family Guy, American Dad etc… – by going with themes and ideas that are current. The only problem is that they have been done before. This is not a criticism of the show – it still manages to be damn funny, but Futurama was at its best when it was silly and alien centred, and it needs to get back to that again.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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