TV REVIEW: Futurama Season 6 Episode 19 – Yo Leela Leela

This week, Leela tries to tell the kids at the Orphanarium a story, but, much to her chagrin, they are less than impressed. Leela knows she can do better, so she goes to her “quiet place” to get some inspiration. It turns out, however, that her story is less inspired than direct plagiarism.

After last week’s amazing episode of Futurama, hopes were high for this week, sadly it seems that Futurama over shot it’s limits and backtracked dramatically.

Historically, the episodes features Leela as the lead character of Futurama have been the weakest (except maybe Leela’s Homeworld), and this episode is no exception. Leela’s desperation to be liked and accepted is just not as good a story as Bender’s mischievous ways or Fry’s blatant stupidity.

That said however, the story of the kids TV show characters being otherworldly is one that may ring true with anyone who has been subjected to the likes of the Teletubbies. The fact that the characters whose life Leela plagiarises are annoying aliens from an annoyingly saccharine sweet planet makes a lot of sense, but this thread of information is not revealed until the end of the episode, and there are not enough laughs in the rest to carry us through.

Weak Futurama, weak.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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