TV REVIEW: Futurama Season 6 Episode 23 – Tip of the Zoidberg

The gang learn more about Zoidberg’s mysterious past, how he met the professor and how they became such good friends. When the professor needs Zoidberg’s help, he is obligated to help.

Another great episode of Futurama this week. Heavy on Zoidberg and Mom, which are always great episodes. The mysterious past of Zoidberg and the professor are finally unravelled a little more, we see a new planet and another crazy disease that only spawns way after our lifetimes.

This season of Futurama has been a little hit or miss, but this episode is bound to become a fan favourite in the future. The gang go to crazy extremes to help the professor, and it all culminates in a huge murderous game of Mousetrap… Or an OK Go video with ulterior motives.

After this episode we can only hope that Futurama is renewed for a new season, and that the creators continue in the vein of the last few episodes and knock it out of the park.

GS Reviewer: Brogen

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