TV REVIEW: Futurama Season 6 Episode 25 – Overclockwise

Bender gains superpowers after Cubert discovers he can ramp up his processors to make him super smart. Unfortunately Bender gets drunk on power, as is his wont; Mom is not pleased with this new development, and sends an assassination squad to bring Bender back to his usual self. Meanwhile, the Professor and Cubert are brought up on charges of tampering with a product that they already own.

What a treat! After last week’s poignant ending, it seemed that season six was over, but we were wrong! We had another episode to go. Like the most recent episodes of Futurama, this one is an absolute joy to behold. We have loads of Bender, which is always when the show is at it’s best, and a ridiculous scenario involving Mom. Sounds like the good old days of old, which is what it feels like. The episode is reminiscent of all the best Bender episodes – like Godfellas – where our favourite alcoholic robot is the focus of a supremely silly episode, rises to heady heights, only to realise that he is not happy there and return to his friends at Planet Express.

Another great development this week is the fact that Leela and Fry finally address the issue of their relationship. They were finally dating at the start of the season – they got together in the movies – but as soon as the season hit its stride, all mention of them as a couple faded out. Leela refers to their relationship as on and off, and runs away as she is not sure that Planet Express is the place that she wants to spend the rest of her life – haven’t we all felt that!? – only to come back as well. This was one of the major things in the episode that felt unfinished. It was fine if Leela and Fry broke up or stayed together, but the fact that they just seemed to fizzle didn’t seem right. Fry has always been crazy about her and there is no way he would allow that to happen. It seems clear that there were episodes in the season that would not have worked if Leela and Fry were together, but ignoring the issue never resolved anything! The ending of the episode left the door open for further developments between the two characters, so maybe next season we will see a real relationship between Fry and Leela.

A great end to a (mostly) great season of Futurama. There were a few missteps here and there, but in all, it was a terrific season, and a fitting welcome back to one of the best animated shows on the air at the moment.

GS Reviewer: Brogen

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