Game of Thrones Season 1 finale – Fire and Blood

After the shocking end to episode nine of Game of Thrones, the audience was left wondering ‘what now?’. The season finale did not disappoint and answered our question in spectacular fashion.

The war effort is in shambles after Jaime Lannister’s capture, so Tywin Lannister sends Tyrion to be the King’s Hand in his place and keep Joffrey and his mother Cersei in check. This is the first time, perhaps ever, that Tywin has shown any sort of affection or respect for his son, as he admits that Tyrion is not the fool he took him for. Can’t wait to see Tyrion as the King’s Hand. He is sure to be spectacularly sarcastic, but the new vein of empathy and humanity that we discovered in him last week may serve him well.

Catelyn takes a rock to Jaime Lannister, but doesn’t do him much harm – other than getting him to admit that he threw Bran out of the window, hoping it would kill him.

Joffrey is being arrogant and cruel in his first days on the throne – first he carves out a singer’s tongue then forces Sansa to look upon the severed head of her father. He is sure to regret this, as there is rage bubbling under Sansa’s surface that he can’t even begin to understand. Sophie Turner is now bringing a subtlety to the role that we did not expect. The character grows into a woman in the seconds it takes for her father to be killed, and she is sure to be a character to keep an eye on in season two.

Arya, meanwhile, is headed to The Wall in disguise as a boy to save her from the Lannisters. We can only hope that she will be reunited with her half brother John, but since he has been sent to ride north and face the wildlings, white walkers and whatever else is beyond The Wall, this may take some time.

As well as this, the power struggle within King’s Landing is already begun, with Littlefinger and Varys both passive aggressively ‘respecting’ each other

The main turning point of the episode of Daenerys. The blood magic does not work the way that she wants – her son is stillborn and she has to take the decision whether to live with the comatose Drogo for the rest of her life, or become the Daughter of the Dragon her brother believed her to be. After she frees the slaves and binds the traitorous witch to Drogo’s funeral pyre, Daenerys places the dragon’s eggs she got as a wedding gift on the pyre with her husband and walks through the flames. At dawn, Danerys’ dress is burned away and she stands, naked, with three newly hatched dragons at her side. This fantastic image suggests that while she claimed her role as the Daughter of the Dragon, when the sun rose, she was their mother.

Last week’s episode of Game of Thrones was emotionally draining, but this episode – with rage being felt on all sides of the battle – not only rejuvenates the characters and their justification for their actions, but the audience as well. The loss of the central character – Ned Stark – last week was a brave choice for the series, and it gives the characters left standing the space to grow into their roles, their power and their destiny. This episode also reset the board for season two. We know there will be war, but what we do not know yet, is who will win, and who will gain the power of the throne.

We’ll see you in Spring. Can’t wait!

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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