Game of Thrones, Stage Combat: Fight Class Ep 2 With Kristen Nedopak

Two experts in Stage Combat take us through the steps needed to recreate a fight scence from Game of Thrones

After watching the hilarious Skyrim: To Lydia with Love video by Kristen Nedopak which I posted earlier this week I swung by Kristen’s website and stumbled across a series of Stage Combat videos she presented. In the videos she is joined by Swordmasters Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker who have worked on such films as Army of Darkness, Master and Commander and Hook.

The videos are a neat way to show fans some of the tricks and techniques of Stage Combat in some of their fave TV shows or films. In this particular video Jan and Dan take Kristen  through a fight sequence from the Game of Thrones TV series, which first Kristen performs and then we’re shown it at full speed as performed by Jan and Dan.

The video is pretty fun and there’s some interested stuff in there as well so it’s a win win.

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GS Reporter: Barry Nugent


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