GAME PREVIEW: Dystoria Comes to Steam This Week

Tri-Coastal Games, a two person Canadian development team, have crafted their vision for an action Sci-Fi, story-driven title, Dystoria for two years. They are now pleased to announce their game’s imminent release on Steam on the 21st February. If you love Tron, if you love neon, and if you’re tired of the typical game color palate, take a peek at Dystoria‘s environments and vehicle models.


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I don’t just like how it looks, but how it is in motion. Enjoy the Dystoria trailer.



I know phrases like “right in the feels” are tired to anyone who spends a little time on the internet, but I enjoyed the spirit of the trailer. I would like to see more gameplay, because I wonder how complex the action is. How much does the geography of the level play in winning? I would also like to know if there is a story mode, because this looks like it might steer towards competitive play.

Here’s what Tri-Costal Games has to say about their own title:

“Dystoria has been inspired by 80s movies and games along with titles like Tron, Descent, Star Wars, Super Mario Galaxy, and we are intent on offering an exhilarating experience, both visually and audibly. Already we are pleased to hear the media say in positive terms they can’t think of any game out there – like this!”


Dystoria will be priced at $14.99/£10.99/€14.99.


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