I didn’t know what to expect from the horror adventure game, Bad Dream Coma. You start the Bad Dream Coma demo on a bridge. There are items to click all along the environment. A lot of dead crows are on the bridge; kind of the game’s mascot. As I examined the scene, there are important items, and then there are items that only add to the unsettling atmosphere. Those important ones are your key items. These items make practical sense, which eliminates the usual frustration I feel with¬†adventure games. Some items, like a magnifying glass, stay in your inventory and remain there. There are other items, like a bottle of booze, that serve a specific purpose, and leave your inventory after use.

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Since the setting of the demo is just the length of the bridge, Bad Dream Coma will make you go back to a previous section of the bridge, by blocking your way forward. New items will appear in sections you’ve already searched. There was a controller item early on in the game, but to use it, you had to find batteries, and then you had to find out what it controls. I won’t tell what you do with that controller, but it leads to one of the most bizarre and unsettling moments of the demo.

In addition to the adventure game elements, there are a couple “spot the difference” puzzles. I don’t know how many other types of gameplay there are in the full game, but I hope there are a variety of puzzles as you go forward in the game. My journey through the demo must have been about 10-15 minutes. What I’ve learned in that time is that Bad Dream Coma is very creepy. As I’ve said, the imagery is very unsettling at times, but nothing made me jump out of my chair.

The Bad Dream Coma demo is available on Steam.

Rating: Try it!

Reviewer: Vichus Smith

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