Game Trailer: Doom (2016) – Campaign Mode

It’s alright if you were too young for the original Doom, or you never played it, because Id Software has rebooted it for a post Gears of War, Post Modern Warfare era. It has the two elements you need for a Doom game: splattering body parts, and demons.

As with any reboot, you have the naysayers and purists who have certain expectations for a game series they admire. Some feel that this feels too similar to modern first person shooters, and they’re not completely wrong. A new shooter has to deliver an experience that is on par with the standard. This new game might be Id Software’s resurgence. I have not played a Doom game in a long time, and they might have lost the fanbase with their scrapped idea for the fourth game. I will leave you one more look at the new Doom, and the aborted Doom 4.


Doom is coming this May to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Source: Bethesda Softworks

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