GameGadget to be Released on March 30th

Sick of playing badly translated retro games on your iPhone? Dying for the days of the button bash? Blaze Europe have announced the release date of their upcoming retro-styled gaming handheld, the GameGadget, for 30th March 2012.

Blaze Europe, whose previous hardware releases have brought the likes of Sega’s Megadrive and the Atari back into retro enthusiasts living rooms have tipped the device to be a competitor to the Apple’s iOS and App Store games service.

The device is being built as an all-in-one emulator for retro games running all the way up to the 32-bit console, which would cover games from such devices as the Mega Drive and the Gameboy. The makers of the GameGadget are hoping to cash in and make legally purchasable what has in the past been a thriving black market of emulator retro gaming. However, support from major games publishers has yet to be officially confirmed for the device.

The GameGadget is also planned to be open-source to allow homebrew games designers to bring new content to the device.

Besides the gaming aspect the console will also be a multimedia device capable of storage and viewing of e-books, photos and music.

The console design is similar to the Nintendo’s Gameboy Micro. It comes in a white casing and has a 3.5” LCD screen. The device will have old-school direction buttons on the left and four action buttons on the right of the screen, two shoulder buttons, and Start and Select buttons on the front of the console. The internal memory starts with only 2GB, but can be expanded through the SD card slot. The battery of the device will be Lithium-ion rechargeable.

Software support and distribution will be handled by Blaze Europe’s equivalent to Apple’s App Store, through its own internet-based cloud service, GameGadgetGames. The games will be loaded onto the device via USB cable.

GameGadget will be released on 30th March 2012 and will be retailing from £99.99. Pre-orders are available at

Source: Blaze Europe
GS Reporter: DEAN

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  1. Gadgetboy2012 /

    Looks like a great piece of kit.

    They have a neat idea and have clearly done their homework.

    There is a also a code to get £20 off the device if you pre-order it from their website the code is ‘gamegadget20’, also their facebook page regularly has new info and comps available on it –

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