GameGuru Game Software Comes to Steam

If you consider yourself a big gamer, you may have wanted to go from player to gamer. There is no better time to become a amateur game developer than right now. There is game development software you ca use to make your own Halo, your own Final Fantasy, your own The Walking Dead, or your own Grand Theft Auto. GameGuru offers the tools to create games at a more affordable price.

Through screenshots and the video you see above, I would say that the graphical quality of GameGuru is similar to the level of quality found on mobile consoles, like the PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS. The images range from astounding to very plain. GameGuru, in my eyes, does skyboxes best out of any elements you can create in the program. The sun, moon, clouds, etc. even have the potential to fool you. There are TONS of screenshots on the GameGuru website, so you can make a very informed judgement. Speaking of creations, the highly skilled artists among us can create game items and sell them through Game Guru to people who don’t have the skill or the time to build everything on their own.

GameGuru is on Steam starting today, on sale for about £ 9.70 – 25% off the regular price. It is an Early Access title, so please take a good look at buyer feedback before you drop cash.


GS Blogger: Vichus Smith

Source: The Game Creators

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