Gamescom 2014: Rise Of The Tomb Raider Confirmed As An Xbox Exclusive

In a move that is proving very controversial with PlayStation and PC  gamers, Microsoft executive Phil Harrison and Crystal Dynamics head of studios Darrell Gallagher have announced at Gamescom that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be an Xbox One and Xbox 360 exclusive and will launch “holiday 2015”.

The last game in the franchise titled Tomb Raider, was a reboot that received high reviews and critical acclaim. It was originally released on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC last year. A definitive edition with enhanced graphics and added DLC was released on the PS4 and Xbox One earlier this year. It was reported to have sold over 7m copies across all systems.

The wording of the announcement left many thinking that it will only be a timed exclusive and will eventually be released on the PS3, PS4 and PC at a later date. Darrell Gallagher has since released a statement seeming to confirm that the game will not be coming out on PS4, PS3 or PC leaving many gamers to react angrily on Crystal Dynamics forums. Gallagher has tried to appease gamers by explaining the reason behind the deal but lets be real, Microsoft must have paid Crystal Dynamics a lot of money for this exclusivity and they have taken the money and run.

I bought a PS4 at Christmas but still own a Xbox 360. Even as a 360 owner I think this is a very bad move from Crystal Dynamics, especially on the back of the popularity of last year’s reboot and the fact PS4 is way ahead of Xbox One is sales and the size of the PC gaming market. The money Microsoft has paid them for this might cover any potential loss on sales on the other systems but Crystal Dynamics are going to have a lot of bad press and bad feelings for a long time.

There still seems to be confusion on the vagueness of many of the statements and comments made since the announcement by both Microsoft and Crystal Dynamics so there may still be hope it hits other systems.



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