GAMING NEWS: XCom 2: War of the Chosen is Out Now for Windows PC

XCom 2: War of the Chosen is now available for Windows, 2K Games is announcing. War of the Chosen is the expansion to 2016’s XCom sequel.


I’ve only played the first XCom, which was an extraordinary rebirth for the classic sci-fi strategy game, and I still have high interest in checking out XCom 2. Without saying too much, In XCom 2, things have gone very wrong for Earth. What the War of the Chosen expansion does for XCom 2 is introduce new enemies and allies. The Chosen are the new alien force, and there are new factions for the alien resistance. We have the Reapers, Skirmishers, and Templars.

  • Reapers keep their distance. They use rifles for long range damage and place claymores to keep enemies from coming in close
  • Skirmishers are traitors, which is good for your resistance. They are ADVENT soldiers, an enemy unit introduced in XCom 2. Skirmishers are up close and personal. They use a grappling hook to get in close, and also use a wrist-mounted weapon called a Ripjack to pierce targets and pull them in. You see this action in the trailer.
  • Our Templars are basically alien fighting monks. They have decided to focus on psionic abilities to fight. If you have not played XCom yet, psionic abilities have to deal with the mind. You have defensive and offensive abilities to support your team.

The Chosen break down into a few classes

  • The Hunter is the ranged class.
  • The Warlock are the psionic class.
  • The Assassin are the stealth class.
  • The Lost are humans that have been zombified. They are, as their name implies, people who were lost during the initial invasion, which activated XCom.

New alien types include the Purifier, Priest, and Spectre. Three new humanoid threats from ADVENT.

The Spectre seems like the nastiest of the bunch. I can hear the screams of frustration from gamers already!

There are new gameplay features and improvements within War of the Chosen. Your squad gets bonus abilities and perks if the members are compatible with each other. There’s a photo booth mode, where you can remember your past squads. You don’t just take screenshots. You can customize posters of your game experience. For replayability, there’s a challenge mode, new missions available to players in need of fights the main campaign couldn’t provide. Offline side missions include Covert Actions, Resistance Orders, faction management, and Avenger, which sounds very mysterious. From playing the first XCom, I know that the side missions provide bonuses to your base of operations and are helpful to level up your squad members. There aren’t any details about what these side missions are about, but I can guess that it deals mostly with destabilizing the enemy and doing favors for your allies. In XCom, what you choose may tip the balance, causing you to lose precious headway in XCom’s conflict.

XCom2: War of the Chosen released at the end of August, for Windows PCs. The Xbox and PlayStation release will be this month (the 12th), and the Mac/Linux release date is yet to be determined. XCom 2 retails for (£ 34.99, € 49.99) and the War of the Chosen expansion is £ 34.99 ($ 39.99, € 39.99).


Source: 2K Games

GS Writer: Vichus Smith


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