Gears of War: Judgement. Gears Prequel Gets A Release Month

Gears of War JudgementGears of War Judgement was announced at E3 this year. The game is a prequel to the three Gears games that have come before, set just after “Emergence Day” which is when the Locust first came to the surface of the planet Sera. The game sees Baird and Cole fourteen years before their time in Marcus Fenix’s Delta Squad.

According to G4TVEpic Games director of production Rod Fergusson revealed that the game would be released in March 2013 during an interview at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. More information about the game follows this break

Great news for fans of the Gears of War franchise – seeing as how the franchise has sold over 18.5 million game units, there are a few of us about! The game uses Baird and Cole, characters from the previous trilogy as its main protagonists and we see Baird as a Lieutenant in charge of his own unit.

The game play is said to be more open than the previous games, adding to its re-playability according to Fergusson. Other new features include “Overrun” which adds a class system to the Gears’ Multiplayer Repertoire. The Locust are on the offence and the COG on Defence – and their classes reflect this.

I’ve yet to finish the third game in the original trilogy (Bad Gamer! BAD!) but am actually getting excited about this game.

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