Geek Invasion: The SFX Weekender 2012

The GS crew were out in serious force at the SFX Weekender event this year.  Did you spot us all?  Well one week later Barry and his syndicated geeks Amy, Ant, Clover, Dion, Matt (The Grampus) and Phil got back around the mic to talk through our experiences in North Wales, good and bad.  You’ll find out what it’s really like to attend one of the best geek Events in Britain, how to survive it and how to get the best bang for your buck.

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The episode is a biggie so clear your schedules or, if you’d prefer, nibble us piecemeal as we wade through the major events, guest stars and surprise hits of the show.

Along the way we don hotpants, duck time-travelling ninjas, achieve total-toilet-ambush and discover the voice of a sex-god… among many other treats.

We mention YouTube videos that have since become available, so you can see some of the delights on offer.  Click here to see a bunch of them.

The Weekender is truly an event to be experienced.  Join us here to help relive the great times you had, or see what you missed out on.  Either way,hopefully we will see you all there in 2013.

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