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I am Sherlock!

Not being entirely embedded in the genre, the BBC’s recent adaptation of Sherlock Holmes was, I regret to say, my first experience of the London deducer (I assume I don’t count Basil The Great Mouse Detective?). I obviously had my preconceived ideas; deer-stalker hat, pipe, drugs, smoggy Victorian London blah, blah, blah. The slightly archaic boy’s-own feel I get from just holding one of Conan Doyle’s books has never attracted me to actually open it, let alone choose to spend my time watching one of the myriad of adaptations available.

But, having also recently ‘found’ Doctor Who, I found myself eagerly awaiting each of the ‘Moffatiss’ episodes with bated breath. I am aware this post is a little late in the game, but it only really hit me today just what a profound effect the show has had on me.

I was simply walking down the street when a very muscular chap crossed to walk in front of me. Instantly my womanly judgement mode kicked in as I could see he had gone to the effort of cutting one trouser leg higher that the other. I have often heard tell the tales of such fashion stylings but had never actually seen it for myself, and here was quite a scary looking gentleman sporting a custom designed Adidas version. So, without blinking my head jumped to, ‘Idiot!’ Then something happened, something new, an experience my brain had not before encountered. I thought of Sherlock . . . I thought of deduction!

I looked again. Scary Chap was carrying rather a large holdall/sports bag and was sweating despite the slight breeze. His gait was one of a slight wobble and with the direction of the wind I could tell that one leg was slightly thinner than the other despite being all over quite bulky. I knew without turning that the local gym was no more than a couple of hundred yards away, possibly from where this gentleman had crossed to take the path I was walking. Sherlock immediately told me that this man was probably a war veteran (being in relatively close proximity to a soldiers’ hospital) that had suffered a broken leg and was rehabilitating his muscles; he had clearly been to the gym to work-out in comfortable clothes, the trousers of which had only been cut in order to pass over his recently removed cast. Bosh!

I stopped in my tracks – what the hell had just happened? I would ordinarily have pictured all manner of illegal/violent/R&B based doings in this man’s life – completely unfounded, unfair and judgemental. But no, ‘Moffatiss’ has addled my brain, they have shown me the power of deduction; and what a power it is.

It was this that I found so attractive about Sherlock (along with the long coat and slightly haunted, eccentric stare – I am human!) and utterly amazing. I appreciate that the plot lines of the three episodes were based on Conan Doyle’s stories, but still – the way in which these scenes of inexplicable deduction were put together fair boggles the mind! Along with beautiful little Dickensian details of dark corners and moody lighting to create a slightly decrepit and sinister atmosphere, I thought the whole production remarkable.

So, now I get it. I understand why Sherlock is such an institution. It’s intellectual silliness on a whole other level. I know the ‘Moffatiss’ version is modernised (and to some purists ‘bastardised’) but again, that was something I perceived as incredibly clever and witty. The essence, from what I know, was kept entirely in the detail. Oh, and wouldn’t Sherlock love that! There are obviously countless pieces of vital information that I have failed to glean from these first few episodes but, I guess sadly, that just means I will have to watch them again. Damn!

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  1. “I know the ‘Moffatiss’ version is modernised (and to some purists ‘bastardised’)” — seemingly not!

    Co-creator the equally prolific if not moreso Mark Gatiss (you did watch his History of Horror, I hope?) told me they ran a first preview of it for the Conan Doyle Society to test the waters and apparently got a wholehearted thumbs-up (if I may mix my metaphors on here). The intention is obviously to do a follow-up (after that frustrating but fairly easy to get out of cliffhanger ending) but they’re running close to the wire with Doctor Who, so it was back-burnered.

    I thank you.


    • geeksyndicate /

      Cheers for the heads up on this Dez and good to hear from you squire!


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