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Today I was lucky enough to attend the European launch of the Batman Live stage show. The show itself is due to launch in Manchester on 19th July so this was just a taster of things to come.

I have to admit to having a lot of reservations about the show before I attended the launch. Personally I couldn’t see how they were going to bring the world of Batman to the  stage and I still had that faint whisper of ‘will this be a musical?’ in my head.  After listening to some of the creative crew talk about the show, 3D tours of some of the sets and seeing the some of the cast I feel a lot more enthusiastic about the show. Of course we were only treated to a CGI look at the sets (which looked great) and besides The Joker we didn’t really get a taste of what we can expect in terms of the tone, the action set pieces or the acting but I was still encouraged with what I saw. It’s clear from the launch that this will not be a cheap production and that some serious cash is being thrown at this. Of course throwing cash at something does not mean it will be a great show but at least it means they are willing to spend the cash to make it look the part.

At the launch the creative team were definitely playing their cards close to their chests in terms of that they were willing to give away but hopefully as we near the launch we can expect more information.

It was also great that there were a lot of kids at the event who were just lapping up the atmosphere and got more of a kick out of meeting Batman, Robin, the Joker and the rogues gallery than all the combined press that were at the launch. This was one of my highpoints of the day as these are the comic book fans of tomorrow and they clearly loved what they saw (though was slightly disturbed by the kid who wanted to see more of the Joker).

Personally, seeing some of the photos doing the rounds on the net after the launch I think some of the ‘staged’ photos probably didn’t help sell the costumes but I thought they looked good live, even if Batman’s costume is more silver than grey it kinda worked for me.

In general the costumes are more colorful (like their comic counterparts) but the important thing will be how they move in costume, how they act, what tone the stage show sets and that we won’t know until the curtain rises on the first act. The fact that DC Comics, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee are involved in this show is encouraging and is enough to make me hold back my final verdict until I have seen the show.

Coming up in the next day or so I’ll post my interview with Creative Director Anthony Van Laast, who talks about his thoughts on the project, what fans can expect and some insights into the plot. Anthony had a real passion and a desire to do the characters justice. He promised a show that will be at it’s heart a family show but would be faithful to the characters and hopefully please the majority of Batman fans.

If some of the ideas that were talked about during the launch today come to fruition I think we can definitely expect a spectacle when the tour finally begins this summer.

Anyway rather than let me do all the talking here are six videos which cover most of today’s launch. Apologies for some of the camera work it’s the first time I’ve really used my Flip Ultra camera.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Batman Live

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