SDCC 2011: Day 3 – Doctor Who Nerdist Podcast

I’m a pretty recent convert to Doctor Who after years of avoiding the series. Not because I thought it’d be bad but because I knew I’d get addicted. Lo and behold, I’m now the proud owner of a few Sonic Screwdrivers, a bunch of Doctor Who tees and a new love of The Doctor that I can’t believe I voluntarily missed out on.

That being said, this was the first year I was really excited about all the different Who events happening and bummed that I was going to miss the panel as Comic-Con figured that people who watch Merlin couldn’t possibly watch Doctor Who.

But not all was lost! Chris Hardwicke of Nerdist fame, held a live podcast at a snazzy music venue not far from the convention center. His guests of honor? The one and only 11th Doctor, Matt Smith and his companion, Karen Gillan! I think this may have been better than being at the panel only because of how much smaller it was. Approximately 800 geeks versus 5,000+ – big difference!

Best part of the whole event was when a fan brought his Steven Moffat puppet and had it interact with Smith & Gillan – they seemed fascinated and disturbed all at once. Instead of me giving you highlights – you can watch clips from the podcast & listen to the entire thing behind the cut thanks to BBC America & Nerdist!

Listen to the Full Podcast with Matt & Karen HERE

GS Reporter: Sharlene

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