SDCC 2011: Day 4 – Merlin

The last day of Comic-Con was filled with relief and sadness that the fun would be over soon. But there was a bit of magic left before the day was out!

That’s because BBC and Syfy brought the stars of hit series Merlin back to the con for the second year in a row. In attendance was Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Anthony Head and Katie McGrath along with producers Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps. Making a surprise appearance was Santiago Cabrera who plays Sir Lancelot.

I ended up just calling Sunday, Merlin Day instead as I was invited to be part of roundtable interviews with the cast, enjoy the panel and join the gang for the Merlin signing as well – which was essentially my entire day.

The biggest news announced was that the show has been recommissioned for Series 5 as well as been picked up by Syfy for it’s fourth & fifth seasons! We were also shown a trailer for the fourth season and if you thought last year’s was good, this one was even better! And of course, the blooper reel. New cast member Nathaniel Parker seemed to take on Anthony Head’s role of giggling like crazy while Colin was doing cartwheels in the village!

Everyone was pretty excited to hear what was in store for our favorite characters but highlights, photos and video of all the shenanigans that the cast (mostly Bradley James) caused are below and behind the cut!

  • Morgana returns with magic as strong as Merlin’s – wonder how that’ll work out as I thought Merlin was the most powerful warlock ever?
  • The series is maturing even more this year and Colin explained that Merlin’s will be finding his true place in Camelot this year.
  • There’ll be an unexpected twist to the Arthur/Gwen/Lancelot love triangle. Santiago also mentioned flirtation between Lancelot and Gwen (Angel Coulby) in future episodes.
  • A battle for power will ensure between father and son as Anthony Head insists that Uther will never give up his crown.
  • Lancelot gets to meet the dragon!
  • We’ll see Merlin “kick some tail” this series. “Two words – you’re gonna,” says Colin.
  • Julian Murphy also hints that Merlin will have a new reason to keep his magic secret in series four.

Panel Photos (entire album here)

Signing Photos (entire album here)

Thanks to ThinkHero TV for the video:

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  1. godannotook /

    Thank You. Brilliant coverage of what sounds like a great Merlin Day, I had high expectations of the upcoming 4th series but the news coming out of comic con is amazing – while I will always love the early days, Merlin is exceeding all my hopes for it and just growing so much, and taking the story to a whole new dimension. Terrific news about Series 5 too 😀


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