Geek Syndicate Captures the Batmobile in the Real Gotham City

Look at what I spotted while in Chicago! Yesterday while I was in the Windy City aka Chicago aka Gotham City in the latest Batman movies, I was amazed to find that the real Batmobile was parked outside my hotel.

It was on display as part of the Tumbler tour – the Tumbler, of course being the real name for the machine. What I can tell is that the Batmobile is even more impressive in real life than on screen. Sometimes you feel like it only looks good on screen but in real life it can be just a letdown.

Not so with the Tumbler! It was as if Batman was hiding somewhere round the corner. The wheels were huge and you can imagine this thing really taking a pounding. After admiring it for a while I was lucky enough to see them start the machine up and it was LOUD. It sounded like a jet engine but there were no flames out the back, shame. The driver opened the top door and climbed in and a Chicago policeman was lucky enough to go along for the ride.

The Tumbler drove down the street turned and then drove back onto its transport truck to be taken somewhere else around the city of “Gotham”. Check back soon for the video of the Tumbler in action. You will not be disappointed.

Reporter: Christophe

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