Geek Syndicate Digital ID Reward Available for all GS Patreons

So we have created a new reward available for anyone who becomes a patreon of Geek Syndicate.

On the GS website/network all members of the team have a digital ID card.

GSA0000001 Barry Nugent

Here’s the card of the Agent Coulson of GS, Co-Founder Barry “The Nuge” Nugent

You can also see all the ID’s for the rest of the team over at the GS website at the link below.

If you are GS Patreon member you can get your special ID card by requesting one via a Patreon private message or sending us an email at [email protected] In the message please include your desired Codename, Firstname, Lastname, email address, @twittername, gender and nationality. We will also need an image of your face to display on the card. Of course if you would rather not have all of the info on your card then just let us know what info you want to display and we can do the rest.

The Tier level displayed on the card will match the current reward level you are on.

So if you would like to get your specially designed Geek Syndicate Patreon digital ID Card then sign up to become a GS patreon and  get in touch for your card! Also look out for more rewards in the weeks to come.

Join the fight to bring the sass back to geekdom and become an agent of Geek Syndicate!

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