Geek Syndicate Episode 100

It’s episode 100 baby! that’s right finally it’s here. In true EPOCH fashion they make a last ditch attempt to ruin things. We had quite a bit of distortion on the episode which needed to be edited out hence the slight delay getting this episode out (curse you EPOCH!).

In this special, feature length, episode we are both in the same location drinking a lot of whisky(surpirse) while trying to put the geek world to rights.

Listen online: [Audio]
Direct Download: Episode 100

Look out for drunken reviews of Smallville(I know!), Quantum of Solace, Sleeper, Echo, Rock Night and more.

In our main (which we did announce but was so distorted we had to edit it out…sorry) feature we answer a bucket load of questions sent to us by you guys.

Enjoy and thanks for listening and supporting Geek Syndicate!!!

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