Geek Syndicate Episode 91 – We’re back !!!

That’s right people after we’re are back after our month long hiatus and we’re back with a bang!

In our main feature we have the first ever interview with Drew Pearce, the writer/ creator of the new superhero sitcom ‘No Heroics’ coming to ITV2. It will be the channel’s first ever original sitcom.

Drew reveals the origin of the show and it’s cast as well as his own comic roots before taking some questions from our forum members.

Warning this episode contains bad signing from the outset!


We have a brand new website! 

Ghostbusters 3 the movie is on but maybe not the game!

News on the US remake of Life on Mars

An old pain in the ass returns to 24.

Hadron Collider…lovely invention or the end of humankind ?

A new sci-fi show about an alien invasion of earth…how original !

Week that was

Quick interview with Jon Harrison at Forbidden Planet’s 30th anniversary party. 

Kick Ass issue 4 and the movie adaptation chat.

Gravel the ongoing comic series by Warren Series

The Mummy 3

Criminal macabre anthology of short stories

We briefly catch up on Smallville, Lost and Supernatural

Interview with Drew Pearce, Creator/writer of the upcoming ‘No Heroics’ Enjoy!!

Direct Download: Episode 91

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