Geek Syndicate – Episode 93

Join us as we continue our epic march towards episode 100 with another trek into the fertile land that is Geek.

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Before the boys can get a head of steam going they are already tearing to shreds the new Bond theme Another Day to Die.

In the news the guys dicuss the crazy idea of a Naked Gun movie without Leslie Nielsen, the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special, how Vigrin Comics have gone liquid and Warner Bros earns itself a few dry slaps.

Moving onto The Week that was there are reviews of Umbrella Academy: Apolcalypse Suite, Batman: Going Sane and The Hunter: 3 Terminal Oblivion and well as a brief mention of a few 2000AD titles

In this week’s main feature Barry watches his last ever episode of Smallville as the lads take us on a whistle-stop tour through some of the season openers. Some the shows covered are Supernatural, Smallville, Merlin, Sarah Conner Chronicles and more. Be warned there may be a few spoilers bumps(massive ones for Smallville) along the way but nothing you can’t handle.

Also the winner of the anniversary/relaunch of Listener of the Month is revealed!

Enjoy and look out for latest podcast to join the Geek Syndciate Network, Science Friction coming soon!

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