Geek Syndicate – Episode 97 Halloween Legends Part III

So once again gentle listener we find ourselves on the scariest day of the year All Hallow’s eve. In this blood curdling episode the guys discuss David Tennant’s departure from Doctor Who and idea of who to replace him. There’s also some chat on IPhones and comics.
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In the week that was Dave rectifies his mistake on the last episode and the boys are able to sit down a review the first episode of the US version of Life on Mars. There are also reviews of The Ultimates 1 & 2 (better late than never) Sanctuary and the novel Arrowhead by Paul Kane. 

In the Halloween inspired main feature the guys chat about some of the thing from their life as well movies, comics, books etc that scare the beejezzus out of them.


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Cheers guys and beware the giant pumpkin !

Direct Download: Episode 97

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