Geek Syndicate Interview Special – Callum Blue aka Smallville’s General Zod

In this special episode we go head to head with Smallville’s latest bad guy General Zod himself aka Callum Blue.


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  1. Joker /

    The Smallville team did an incredible job at writing an awesome Zod!! And Callum did a genius job at playing Zod too!!

  2. Manuela /

    Really amazing interview, Callum and you guys were a lot of fun. Awesome accents were just a plus, but a very appreciated one!

    Cheers 😀

    • geeksyndicate /

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. I hope you check out our podcast in the future!

  3. Daniel Bushell /

    Gotta love Callum’s Passion. Not to mention he is a funny fucker.

  4. Faith Ferguson McIntyre /

    Wow, amazing interview! You guys always make it so fun and interesting. Callum was the ultimate Zod for me and Season 9 of Smallville was the best. I am going to miss him in Season 10!!!

  5. Sam /

    This man is one of THE rudest arrogant people in existance. He thinks nothing of going into HMV at lakeide and abusing the staff, shouting and screaming and swearing- displaying disgusting and threatening behaviour. Why? All because the store did not have a copy of the Chris Ryan’s Strike Back dvd that he wanted. Callum Blue- get over yourself and get your head out of your backside and realise you are not that special to be treating people like that. If it wasnt for Smallville, I would not even know this man existed. Despicable person he is.


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